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110, Radhe Square, Near Reliance Cross Roads, Kudasan , Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382421, India
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Shree Tapovan Midbrain Activation Academy offers high-quality training for coaches, teachers, and schools, as well as professionals, to enhance Vedic practices and increase mid-brain activations. Shree Tapovan has designed courses specifically for students aged 5-15 years and working professionals.

Midbrain Activation enhances the middle brain’s functionality, which is the bridge between the right and left brain. This bridge can facilitate the exchange of information between the right and left brain, resulting in greater learning efficiency and data processing. Researchers have identified a crucial middle zone of the human brain known as the Mid-Brain.

Our main goal is to boost the child’s brain by activating the midbrain and unleashing their potential, allowing them to achieve optimal levels of learning in both brain’s hemispheres. Our goal is to assist all children in reaching their fullest potential.

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