Marriage and family therapist as a career

Marriages, as we know are made in heaven but are solemnized on earth. So no marriage is perfect each type of marriage comes with its own share of problems. These problems may be small but if a couple is unable to handle the problems they may blow up and may lead to a divorce. Marital problems like financial disagreements, infidelity, mental illness, substance abuse, jealousy, anger, household responsibilities, parenting, jobs, in-laws, etc can lead to major problems. It would be better to nip these problems in the bud before they take an ugly turn. Divorce affects a couple but the worst affected are kids who are reared by single parents

Marriage and family therapists help to counsel such couples and try to resolve their issues in an amicable fashion. These therapists can help a couple in improving their communication levels effectively with each other with the result, stress would be reduced and understanding would increase. This would have a positive impact on a couple’s married life reducing the chances of a divorce.

Earlier the younger generation sought the help of the elders in the family if they faced marital issues. The joint family set-up helped youngsters to sort out their lives and live harmoniously. But today’s scenario has undergone a paradigm change due to urbanization & modernization. The joint juncture has been replaced by a nuclear set up where no wise people exist to counsel these young couples. These trained professional therapists can help solve their problems by giving them a keen ear.


Students who have cleared their 10+2 exams with Psychology as one of their subjects are eligible to take up MFT as a career

Steps to become an MFT in India-

  • Either a bachelor’s degree with Psychology or Social Work as a subject. They should complete 4 years of study to practice as an MFT
  • Or a master’s degree beyond  a bachelor’s degree which should be of 2-3 years
  • Or a doctoral degree beyond a bachelor’s degree which should be a 3-5 years study
  • Bachelor’s degree students have to complete 3-4 years of post-graduate clinical training in marriage counselling to practice as a marriage counsellor
  • The students must have a Master’s degree in counselling from an accredited college
  • Certification courses too can be done after acquiring a Master’s degree in the relevant field

Skills Required

  • Excellent observation and listening skills
  • Patience, tolerance & empathy
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Create positivity to bring about changes in the life of the client
  • Being appreciative instead of demoralizing clients
  • Ability to speak multiple languages
  • Experience in mental health care
  • Good communication skills
  • Good questioning skills

Colleges for M.Sc Counseling and Family Therapy

IGNOU- New-Delhi

Suitability of MSc Counselling and Family Therapy course-

  • Prepares students for marriage counselling, school counselling, mental health counselling, drug& alcohol recovery counselling
  • Prepares students to take up higher studies in this field
  • Helps students in communication & interpersonal skills

Use of this course-

  • For people involved in serving as therapists in marriage & family affairs
  • They can serve as family counselling teachers in schools & colleges
  • Work in government family welfare schemes


  • Family therapist
  • Anganwadi in-charge
  • Lecturer
  • Social affairs counsellor

They can get placement in hospitals, schools, colleges, Family social centres, Anganwadi, Women’s social cells.


Starting salary can be from 20,000-25,000/month

Experienced can earn 50,000/month


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