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Changing trends of Education today

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There has been a paradigm shift in the teaching style and students assimilating knowledge. We are moving from the conventional method to digital methods of teaching. This type of teaching method has started opening new avenues for both teaching and learning groups. Let us discuss the methods involved which are bringing about this change.

As Bill Gates has said ‘ Technology is just a tool, In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.’


The learning by a rote method is a thing of the past. There are practical methods to learn things and students get unlimited opportunities to unleash their talent. A practical demonstration can help students master their subjects well.


The present-day education focuses on strengthening student-centric learning. The onus lies on the teachers today to incorporate personalized teaching and learning methods. Since each and every student is unique having different career choices and different strengths, so using flexible teaching methods can help students to a large extent.


Technology has brought about a tremendous change in teaching and learning patterns. Textbooks and blackboards have given way to e-books and whiteboard teaching. Education has even surpassed geographical boundaries leading to online training courses. Students can enrol from any part of the world and take the course. This is the best way to learn, share and connect with others using social media. Learning becomes easier and interesting. This will pave the way for better communication among students and enhance their competencies and skills.


This is an amalgamation both education and entertainment. A very novel way of teaching. Online videos and slideshows are used for teaching. Pens and chalk have given way to videos, audios and PPTs. This has helped in honing the creative skills of students. It gives a platform to students to express themselves and become acquainted with global educative trends. Educative podcasts, videos, audio-video lessons are the latest educational methods which are bringing about a tremendous change in teaching and learning.


Teacher-student relationships have evolved over the ages. From studying under trees to sitting in digital classrooms and studying with the aid of discussions and presentations has become the order of the day. Online teaching has made it interesting learning for students and students learn through quizzes and assignments.  Global educative trends are helping students to learn at their own free will and with an interesting approach to learning. This is helping in the overall development of students.


The skill-based education today is paving the way towards employment. Vocational training helps students to put their academic knowledge to use. This skill-based training helps students to get employment in their chosen field.


Giving proper feedback to students is helping them in overall development. Positive feedback in the form of awards and scholarships encourage students to perform well. From marks to grading has helped students to excel both in academic and extra-curricular.


Internships are the new learning trend as they help the students to learn about corporate or job culture. Internships prepare them for jobs. These in-house training companies help students to procure lucrative jobs. The earn and learn trend has caught up well with students and they start interning while in college to get good experience and finally end up with high paying jobs.


Teachers are trained to bring about adaptive learning. They would be in the form of formative assessments which will help differentiate students on the basis of inner strengths and capabilities. This will help students in fun learning and mastering the fundamentals.

So the new system aims in the overall development of a student.


Preeti TALWAR is a doctorate in science, who has worked as a Research Associate under a U.G.C fellowship, worked as a Proofreader with Thakur Publishers, Worked as a Content Writer for Planet Spark, India Go Social, Planet writer, Story Mirror, Student Star, Odds spaces. Well published on national and international media. Published for the Chicken Soup Series. Author on different forums like YourStory, Bonobology, Thrive Global, Women's Web, The Country esquire, Newsnviews, Sheroes, Different Truths. Writing is adrenaline for Preeti's soul.