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Thousands of student daily searches for coaching on Google and our website is good at SEO so MeraCoaching comes on the first page of Google search results. This stands as an exemplary platform that showcases your coaching information and specialties on the first page of Google.

In an age where almost 80% of people carry a mobile phone with internet connectivity, has the tendency to do an online search/research before visiting your website or coaching. MeraCoaching will help you to improve the local search visibility of your coaching institute by providing them with relevant information.

Verified Stamp

The Verified Stamp attached to your listing emphasizes the authenticity of your brand and establishes your coaching’s credibility in the market.

Ratings and Reviews

Our ratings and reviews validate the reliability and integrity of your coaching institute. Also, the feature of being notified when friends rate and review a business proves worthy of word of mouth publicity.

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MeraCoaching is a highly ranked site in India. By registering on our website, you can increase your chances of getting discovered.

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MeraCoaching is a great platform to supplement your website content and you have benefited from our well-established SEO.  Posting your coaching institute on MeraCoaching increases the website rank higher on search engine results.MeraCoaching can help you reach an audience with advertising and promotional programs. MeraCoaching is the best choice for promoting your coaching institute.


  1. Featured Listing-Featured listing on the homepage.
  2. Banner Ads-Banner ads target local customers and help to build brand recognition immediately.
  3. Guest Blogging-Guest Blogging is a content marketing and SEO technique. We offer paid guest blogging.

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