IELTS and TOEFL are tickets to abroad

IELTS and TOEFL are tickets to abroad

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Today most of Punjabis are planning to go to CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and NEW ZEALAND. For this, they are joining IELTS. It is an English learning school which teaches English to a person of any age group. Even old people of age 60-70 come to learn English.

To score well in English, you should follow some tips:-

  • Of course, to be good at English your vocabulary and grammar should be very strong,
  • Your listening capability should also be strong,
  • Read English newspaper daily,
  • Watch English news channels,
  • Try to communicate in English,
  • Practice English test papers and find your weaknesses,
  • For working on these weaknesses, make a plan i.e. you have to solve a specific number of test papers daily,
  • As most people are shy to speak English, they get nervous that would speak wrongly. I advise them to speak in front of a mirror or with whom you are close and know English so that he/she can tell your mistakes,

To clear exams like GRE (for engineering students), the TOEFL exam is a must. It is also an English check exam. For it, you’re speaking, listening as well as writing skills should be very strong.

For writing skills development, write a small article on any topic in English.

You all must have seen the movie “ENGLISH VINGLISH’in which Sridevi played the role of a homemaker but didn’t know English. One day when she went to America to attend a marriage, there in her free time she started learning English. Firstly she was nervous that everyone would laugh at her but when she went to the institute she saw everyone was like her.

Even some old people don’t know the English alphabet. At least they should be proud of themselves that they are learning.

To go abroad you need a good score in the form of bands, I believe if you get 7-8 bands, you can get a visa easily.

So, work hard without thinking about others!