Old memories and new experiences are waiting for you

There are thousands of new things which still need to learn and explore. Everyone should be ready to learn something new always. We think that when we will get free time we will learn new things. Then, I believe holidays are the best time to learn new things. If you have an interest in any co-curricular activity you can learn about it on holidays.

Very busy people plan to spend some quality time with the family during free time. If we talk about today’s generation then they love to spend time watching T.V., on the internet.

Lots of students can start their internship in different companies. 60% of companies should increase their internship offers, 35% of students think that there are fewer offers of internship, 40% of students depend on the internet for an internship.

Obviously, utilizing your time in learning something new gives you an advantage always. It makes you superior in something than others in that field. In today’s world, even personality development courses are very important. Improving your body language helps you in building confidence as well as finding jobs easily.

Some people prefer traveling on the holiday. This is also a great idea because it makes you aware of different places, entertainment and of course can spend some time with family or friends. Today technology can become so vast that you can learn new things at home. There are different learning apps like- BYJU’s, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, etc. I am a medical student, in this winter vacations, I am learning new things like- I have started doing exercise, building concepts of subjects or topics in which I am weak, researching on one community topic for a studentship project and writing a blog for you guys and gals. These all things keep me busy as well as giving me chance to learn something interesting.

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People who are busy in their day to day life can also learn new activities or can do the things they use to do in past. Like- listen to music on the radio, meeting and spending time with old friends, painting, make favorite food and share it with them, family members.