How to write the perfect statement of purpose

How to write the perfect statement of purpose

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What is a Statement of Purpose or SOP

This is a kind of long admission essay or application essay required by universities abroad by prospective students applying to college, university or graduate school. This is an essential part of the admission process. It is a kind of synopsis stating about oneself, what career goals a person has and how ready a person is to pursue a certain course in a particular institution. The essay is all about understanding a student’s life, the motivation for the chosen career path and the student’s goals.

Importance of SOP

Admission to an institute is based on a well-written SOP. This document helps to prove a student’s uniqueness to stand out in a crowd

General format for SOP

Most universities have a standard format for the SOP but the SOP for the different courses varies. A strategy must be followed to write the SOP. The SOP has to be a brilliant and original piece of essay to catch the eye of a person reading it. It has to be succinct and crisp. What does the college review committee require in an SOP-

A student’s writing style- should be grammatically correct, lucid, and good vocabulary.

  • It should be between 800-1000 words
  • Should be written in 12-point Times New Roman Font
  • 5-inch spacing

Step-by-step writing

  1. Step- Brainstorming
  2. Step- First draft
  3. Step-Edit and Refine

Now to write the perfect SOP and stand out in the crowd the essay should be written in a flow with past experiences, present work and future goals. The essay should be divided into paragraphs-

Para 1: Introduction

  • Discuss long-term goals and why one wants to pursue that particular course.
  • Show your understanding regarding the chosen course and how you could help in the contribution to that course
  • One should share one’s background in say 2-3 lines and make it relevant to the chosen course
  • Add a story regarding the turning point where one got an epiphany to do that particular course

Para 2-3: Academic background & Professional experience

  • What one has achieved so far
  • What one is pursuing currently
  • Academic strengths and internships
  • Any professional experience if one has been able to get

Para 4: Why one has opted for that particular course

  • Why one wants to opt for that course
  • The skills one would acquire  during the course
  • The exposure one would get while pursuing that course to fulfil one’s goals

Para 5: Career goals

  • Short & long-term goals
  • The type of work one wants to do after completion of the course
  • Name some companies and the designation one wants to work for and acquire that designation
  • Maybe a CEO or establishing one’s own company
  • Or the expansion of a family business overseas
  • Maybe further studies like a Doctoral to become a professor or researcher
  • Discuss business plans &values
  • Explain how you could see yourself 10-15 years down the line

One’s ideas on changing the present business and market scenario with emerging trends

Para 6: Why that particular University

  • Convince the University that their profile is suitable for your chosen course
  • Discuss their course curriculum, work, the faculty and their specific activities which will help you in making a good resume and will help in procuring the perfect job as per your profile

Para 7:Closing para

  • Firm desire and keenness to join the course
  • Focussed and firm to meet the challenges which come in one’s way
  • One should show zeal to succeed with the chosen course and make a difference in the global market
  • Last but not least proofread and edit several times before sending the SOP.


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