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Career as a Tea Taster

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Tea is an important beverage which is drunk all over the world. India is a leading producer of tea in the world, so Indians are fond of tea and are connoisseurs. People who can judge the quality of tea can make Tea Taster as their career. It is a great opportunity for students who know about the essence and aroma of tea. They should have a love for this beverage to make a career in this field. It is not a useless profession but an important part of the Tea Management industry.


Tea tasting is an art and the job of the taster requires him to taste the teas and give advice regarding the various ways, tea can be brewed to get a particular taste.

After tasting they have to give their final feedback for a quality tea final product.

In a tea manufacturing company the tasters have to be vigilant during the production process, by looking at the size and colour of the leaves to find out whether they have been fermented or dried under fire and if anything is amiss they send the leaves back to the factory for rectification.

They coordinate with the tea gardens and look after their import and export.

They educate the company on the latest market trends.


They have to be graduates in any of the following streams-

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Biology
  • Home Science
  • Food Technology


  • Should have a sharp sense of smell and taste
  • Good knowledge of cultivation and manufacturing process of tea plantation
  • The person should know about the various types of tea, grades and characters of resulting liquids
  • The person should refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and eating spicy food
  • Should have knowledge of the tea market and the current market trends
  • The person should have leadership skills, communication skills and decision making skills
  • Must have a keen eye for details
  • Should be a tea lover


No formal degree is required, only certificate courses are needed to understand the tea tasting techniques. The courses span from 3 months certificate course to 1 year diploma.

Institutes offering courses of Tea Taster

Department of Tea Husbandry and Technology-Assam Agricultural University

Dipras Institute Of Professional Studies- Kolkata

Darjeeling Tea Research And Management Association- Darjeeling

University of North Bengal, -Darjeeling

Birla Institute Of Management And Futuristic Studies- Kolkata

Indian Institute Of Plantation Management- Bangalore


They are employed in big tea companies to ensure quality standards

They are hired by manufacturing companies, brokers and buyers

They can coordinate with gardens and look after their import and export

Experienced tea tasters can give consultancy services  and offer advice regarding varieties of tea to be planted, new varieties, recruitment and training of personnel, compensation, benefits etc


Salaries are good and even a trainee earns 5000/month. After completion of training, one can earn 20,000-30,000/ month. An experienced person can get 50,000 or more. Along with a good salary, other perks are also there. A Tea Taster gets a bungalow and car and can maintain a good lifestyle.

A career in this provides a good salary, travel opportunities and interaction with people all around the world.


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