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Problems Faced by College Students

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It is said that ‘ A college education shows a man, how little other people know. Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.’ Students are at the top of the world when they are on the threshold of entering college. It is their passport to freedom. Life is full of fun and frolic, no cares and worries. But when they enter the college premises it is not so glorious as they thought. They go through rough patches before they make fond memories.

There are a few problems which generally most college students face and let us discuss them-

Time- Management

The academic curriculum is much more taxing compared to the school curriculum, which makes it difficult for students to cope. Sometimes their grades fall as they are unable to cope. Students who may have come out in flying colours in school are unable to maintain their grades due to a lack of time management.

Financial Issues

Students face a financial crisis throughout their college life. Money is never sufficient. Exorbitant tuition fees, accommodation costs, costly books and stationery, treats and parties all cause a dent in a student’s pocket. College students find themselves in debt which leads to frustration.


Students tend to go out from their hometowns to pursue their higher education and leaving the comfort of their home for the first time leads to homesickness. The students miss their family and friends which causes a lot of mental stress for college students.


Living away from the family, coping with academic and emotional pressures alone can lead to depression. Students have a tough time adjusting to the new environment. Too much stress to cope can create mental problems and students suffer from depression.


Excessive stress, loss of appetite and sleep can lead to sickness. Poor hygiene and bad mess food too can create havoc in a student’s life. Most students suffer from stomach and skin ailments if they live in hostels and PGs. They do not get good nourishing food and the food cooked is not made in hygienic conditions which can lead to low immunity and sickness.

Social Problems

Sometimes students find it difficult to interact and make friends. Roommates may be like chalk and cheese so adaptation becomes a problem. Social relations can become a tough task leading to psychological problems.


Parties itself are not problematic as they can help students interact and relax. But partying can mean both drinking, smoking and drugs which can lead to ruin. Students can become addicted to these vices which can lead to a student’s downfall in career.


Having healthy relationships is good for one’s growth but sometimes they become overwhelming. Students can get distracted from studies and go into depression. College students are in the prime of their youth where the hormones are raging and rearing, so getting into relationships is a common scenario. But breakups sometimes can lead to suicides.

Lack of proper career guidance

Just taking the wrong subjects can hamper your future life. Sometimes because of peer or parental pressure students pick up a stream and when they are unable to cope they become depressed. Due to lack of proper career guidance students fare badly and are looked down upon by family and friends leading to loss of confidence.

Placement Issues-

Getting placed in a good job after college is a herculean task. Colleges do not help in giving or getting students placed. This problem weighs on a student’s mind causing health and mental problems. Both society and family have high expectations from a student and not getting well placed can create havoc in a student’s life.

Exam Pressure-

The aim to get good grades is the only purpose people work hard for exams. Their only aim is cramming and clearing exams. To come out in flying colours creates a lot of exam pressure leading to depression and anxiety among students.

So today students can’t breeze their way through college as they suffer from many issues. Students should keep a positive mindset to get rid off these problems.

Dr. Preeti Talwar


Preeti TALWAR is a doctorate in science, who has worked as a Research Associate under a U.G.C fellowship, worked as a Proofreader with Thakur Publishers, Worked as a Content Writer for Planet Spark, India Go Social, Planet writer, Story Mirror, Student Star, Odds spaces. Well published on national and international media. Published for the Chicken Soup Series. Author on different forums like YourStory, Bonobology, Thrive Global, Women's Web, The Country esquire, Newsnviews, Sheroes, Different Truths. Writing is adrenaline for Preeti's soul.