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How to make Sommelier as a Career

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The word Sommelier has a French origin and is referred to a wine waiter or wine steward. Earlier these sommeliers provided services to royal families but now they do the wine service to restaurants. The sommeliers or wine tasters are well trained, professionals who specialize in all aspects of wine services. They advise diners regarding the suitable wines which go well with different foods, they manage inventory flow and create wine lists for F&B establishments. The sommeliers require both hospitality skills and thorough knowledge of different types of wines. They have to be well versed with the varieties of grapes used, regions, vintages, vineyards aand winetasting. Tasting means assessing the quality and craftsmanship of wine. Sommeliers help in wine selection, purchase, receiving, storage, sales and service.

SOMMELIER- is a trained wine professional who helps in pairing particular kinds of wines with particular kinds of food.


The candidate must have a degree of hotel management from a reputed institution and on-the-job training or a certified course from a reputed organization and an interest in the subject. A certified sommelier qualification is required from a reputed institute to procure a good job. This certification gives practical training in wine service and tasting. The course will give knowledge about wine regions, wine making and viticulture.

Course is of two levels-

Level1- Foundation Course

Level 2- Intermediate Course


The teaching will be about-

History of wine

Marketing of wine

Wine regions

Viticulture(grape varieties)

Vinification (wine making)

Types and styles of wine

Understanding wine labels

Wine service and storage

One has to clear the sommelier exam to become a proper, certified wine taster.


Vincrest India, Delhi
H5/1 Model Town, Delhi-110009

Manipal University, Karnataka
WGSHA, Valley View,
Manipal – 576104

Courses offered are-

Sommelier Diploma Program(SDP)

Sommelier Certificate Program Level1(WFCL1), Level2(WFCL2)

The best  wine institute in the world is in U.K

The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET),this offers 4 levels and is the best institution .


One must have hospitality skills

Administrative skills to train the staff

Good listening skills and patience to understand a client’s needs

Love for travelling to different places as the job demands lot of travel.

Dedicated to long hours of work

Good knowledge of wine vintages and good customer service skills.


Wine tasting is a lucrative career in India as people  have started enjoying wine in our country. An in depth knowledge of culinary art can help them procure jobs in

Wine trade and help in wine production

Import and export of wine

Consultation and advise on wines

Wine training and education

The jobs can be in home-based wine tasting parties

In top hotels and restaurants

In sales and distribution

Independent career as a wine consultant

Developing training courses for wineries and restaurants

Managing the casino bars

Organizing and hosting wine tours

Owning a wine shop

Wine writing

The career has a lot of scope but the only cons are long, erratic working hours .But passion can oversee these negatives.


An experienced sommelier earns 10,000-30,000/ month. Independent wine consultants can earn 25,000 to lakhs/month.


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