GATE 2019

How to prepare for GATE Exam | Syllabus | Tips & Tricks

Gate Exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in India today. The reason behind it is more PSU’s coming forward to PSU Recruitment Gate exam; hence the exam is becoming highly competitive.

Few students know the benefits of taking GATE exam which is mentioned as below:

·         Getting admission to NITIE (Popular MBA with specialization in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Management & Project Management).

·         Helps in IIM fellowship programs which are equivalent to Ph.D. or study abroad in prestigious technical institutes such as  NUS, NTU (Singapore)etc.

·         GATE exam helps students in their semester examination preparations and related items.

How to Prepare yourself :

“Begin the preparation”

Take the first step by understanding what you are up against, the information you need before you plan and then begin the actual preparation. The first thing to do before you start is to know the GATE 2019 eligibility. Check if you fulfill it and can appear for the exam.

Know your GATE Syllabus, Exam Pattern thoroughly

Know your GATE Syllabus 2019: IIT Madras has released the syllabus for GATE 2019. Candidates can refer to the syllabus of their GATE paper as prescribed to know the topics they have to prepare on. The GATE 2019 syllabus is detailed topic wise for each of the 24 papers and this makes it easier for candidates to segregate the topics into easy, difficult.

GATE has two types of questions –

Multiple Choice questions (MCQs): These questions have options and candidates must choose carefully as there is negative marking for these questions

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions: These questions have to be calculated and carry no negative marking.

Know the Weightage of Topics in GATE 2019

It is important to cover the complete GATE Syllabus 2019. However, one can do a small exercise to gauge which sections, topics are much more important in terms of weightage as this allows you to focus on these more than the others. Many toppers have indicated in their tips on how to prepare for GATE 2019 that this exercise is undertaken first. Rather than search the internet for an easy solution, you should sit and check the past three-year GATE question papers. A good picture will emerge and you will get a fair idea of the topics you need to stress more on and the topics they need to know well. Even if this is a bit of a time-consuming exercise, it is truly beneficial in all terms and aspects.

Make your Study Plan for GATE 2019

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. It is important to have a study plan in place only if you are the kind of person who adheres to timetables and such. Else it is good to just have a broad understanding of how to prepare for GATE 2019 and to go with the flow.

What to remember while formulating your GATE 2019 Preparation plan?

Check the past year papers and exam analysis.

Divide the Topics broadly into Strong, Weak and to be read properly.

Keep daily, weekly and monthly targets. Try to adhere to them as far as possible.

Next schedule your preparation such that you revise the easy ones along with the tough ones and the “never read before” ones. This will ensure you have a clear view of what is to be studied and how you are going to do it.

While many advise checking the weightage and study accordingly, it is really not the correct way to go. Check the weightage by all means and understand the important topics but don’t neglect to study the not so important topics

Make Short Notes while you study as this is will be helpful during revision.

Write down Formulae that you find difficult to remember so that they are handy for revision.

Don’t wait for completing a portion of the syllabus. Start practicing with test papers as soon as you done with a section or topic. Little steps of water make the mighty ocean.

Keep the solved problems separately indexed so that you can refresh and revise later when required.

Another tip for final year students is that you can match the topics that you will be studying in your graduation and club the studying part so you cover these to get a better hold on them

It is not just the previous year papers or online test series. Answer the questions at the back of your textbook, check the nptel lectures to get a good grasp.

What to avoid during GATE Preparation?

In your zest for preparing well, don’t overdo things.

When you start by solving previous year questions papers, you may get very low marks. Don’t get demotivated. It is just an indication of the level you are at. Analyze and strengthen the areas where you haven’t scored well. You do have a long way to go before you can relax.

Don’t do one subject or some specific topics and then forget about them. That way, you will really forget what you learned. Instead, revise them every 15 days. It won’t take much but will keep you prepared and steady.

Don’t blindly go on answering the question papers from previous years. Try to check your problem-solving ability instead. You never know how the questions will turn out. So it is important you understand how to solve them rather than just the solution.

Don’t ask everyone on how to prepare for GATE 2019. Formulate your own plan as you know best what works for you. Also, don’t compare your progress with the others.