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“My Career, My Choice”

After high school, most of the young aspirants get confused what to choose and what to not. In choosing your future, I think parents, teachers and friends all play a major part. But along with them, almighty has also planned something for all of us. If we talk about parents, their 1st choice is medical or non- medical because they believe that these both professions can give you money more easily as compared to other ones. They think that if their child is doctor or engineer they will have good status in the society. But I think all parents should watch ‘3 idiots’ movie. Parents should give their children a chance to choose. As a medical student, I believe that medical course it not so easy as our parents or society thinks. They think that if you have cleared entrance exam then you have done your M.B.B.S course. Believe me, it’s not like that. After all medical students have to save some one’s life in future. If a student chooses it against his/her choice and interest it will lead to depression and sometimes suicide.

I don’t understand why society thinks that only studies are important? In my point of view, sports and other co-curricular activities are equally or more important. Playing for half an hour daily keeps your mind and body fit teaches you teamwork, helps in making your concentration strong. If someone is good in dancing, singing, acting, sports; he/she must choose those fields in which they are good. Think for a second, if Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan or all other TV actors would not choose acting rather had chosen something in studies then who would entertain us? If Sachin Tendulkar had chosen something in studies then who would be the biggest cricketer? There are thousands of other choices other than studies which need to be chosen. The thing is we all want to choose a safe path which helps us in earning money.

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Fashion designing, cooking, painter, a photographer can be chosen. Nowadays, the internet has become so fast that you can do your work from home. Whether it is stock marketing, app launcher or blogging as I am doing, all can be done from home. Just you have to come with new ideas, follow your heart and have confidence. You should have the courage to fight for your dreams. It is better to choose your path today than to think in future that if you had chosen something else you would be somewhere else. This world needs every one. A photographer who can show the beauty of this world to everyone, the artist who can make your sketch, actor who can entertain you and a blogger who can encourage you to choose something which makes you happy and satisfied…

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