Smart study for NEET-UG

Smart study for NEET-UG

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Many high schools pass out students’ dream of becoming a doctor. To achieve this goal and to clear entrance exam- NEET-UG they need to do smart work rather than hard work. As a medical student, through this article I am giving some tips to prepare well for the test:-

First of all, out of three subjects– Physics, Chemistry and Biology, choose 2 subjects whom you think are easy for you so you can score easily. As an advice, at least biology should be strong, 2nd one can be Physics or Chemistry.


Follow NCERT only, many teachers teach extra books like elementary but believe me NCERT is the book you should be known to every diagram, theories, and concepts.  There are two parts- Anatomy and Zoology, most of the time questions come from Anatomy more but both parts should be strong.


For chemistry also follow NCERT, there are 3 parts- Physical, Organic and Inorganic. Physical part comprises numerical, make concepts and solves as many numerical as you can. Organic Chem. Is bit difficult but learn the order of reaction and end products of reactions. For an Inorganic part, a periodic table should be on tips. In chemistry, more than concepts cramming part are more. Orders have to be learned.


I know medical aspirants find Physics difficult among all 3 subjects, but it is most interesting one. Strong your concepts and solve as many problems as you can. Solve every problem at the end of every chapter in NCERT.

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While preparing for MCQs, choose right book. Many students start solving engineering level MCQs which are more difficult as compare to medical one and then they lose hope. But I would say solve medical level MCQs as you want admission to medical college not in IIT. While solving problems set the timer, so that you can set your target according to 3 hours and solve in the order- Biology, Chemistry and at the last physics. If someone is planning to clear AIIMS then G.K. is important. For it, read the newspaper daily and NCERT theory of all subjects should be on tips. There are 180 questions in total within 3 hours, divide your time accordingly, Biology should be completed within 30 minutes and rest is for Chemistry and Physics. Look out for last 10-year ques. Papers.


+1 and +2 classes decide your future, so why not to do smart work. Don’t get disheartened if you scoreless in test and don’t compare yourself with others, it is the dedication to matters the most. The strong willpower makes you successful. Instead of a quantity of study judge yourself on the basis of the quality of the study.