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Why you should think beyond the traditional career?

From our childhood, we are listening to that study hard because you have to make a bright future, a good career. As we are grown up we also realize the value of making a good career which can give us a bright future. As time is changing, our life and technology are also changing, and to match with these changes peoples’ thinking is also updating. But peoples’ first choice regarding their career is always should be the GOVT. A job as it is the most secure and comfortable jobs with a handsome salary. Our parents also inspire us to do hard work and try to get a government job. But the point is why always you should choose or force to choose the Govt job? If you ask this question to your elders then you will get the answers like – It is the most secure job ever, Pension facility, Relaxable and tension free job, Lots of Holiday and other benefits too. But we can get those benefits in the private sectors too, in fact, more than that if you can get the fortune to join in a well-known MNC.

Some benefits of having a traditional career:

1.      Job safety and security.

2.      Lifetime benefits.

3.      Earning more with less work.

4.      So many holidays.

5.      Salary increases with the time.

6.      Duration of work is fixed.

So you can see the benefits of traditional career but I am also going to explain how much hard work required for achieving all this. Traditional career was not bad even our forefathers, fathers earn very well with these works but in the new world, it’s very difficult to get jobs in that way because there is less vacancy than the applicants. So the competitions of having the govt. a job is getting too tough to achieve it. Rest the corruption and other political issues are also there.  As a result, after trying again and again we lost as well as destroy some of the important years of our life. We can use those times to get the job in some MNC or good IT or Corporate Sectors. Actually, everyone wants peace, rest, a burden free life where everything is calculated.  But, what about your own dream? What about you? A traditional career can give you a secure life but not an adventures Experience which you can only get from this beyond traditional career. So think like that, there are so many opportunities which you are avoiding now to get the boring and secure job.

You can get from the MNC/IT/Private Sector:

1.      You can get a chance to join with a Brand or Foreign Company

2.      Private Sector / MNC will always appreciate your hard work and respect your talent

3.      Every day you can get several experiences regarding your work.

4.      Sometimes for some official works you can get the free foreign tours also.

5.      You will get the chance to talk to the foreigners.

6.      Some Private Sectors give some extra allowances to their employees like TA, House Rent, Phone Bill, ESI, Medical Supervision etc.

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7.      The best thing is you can live in your own dream, own Passion.

Never choose a profession by force; it will kill you after a certain period of time. Make your Passion your Profession by which you can enjoy your rest life. Struggle for your happiness not for the secure life.  

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