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How to decide career stream after 10th

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Class 10th is a very crucial time. I am saying this because it decides 50% of our future.  I am not pointing out the marks. After passing out 10th you need to think about which stream you have to choose. It is Science, Commerce or Arts. This time you find career counselors at every nook and corner of your society.

I have also faced this situation. I know your situation very well. Every uncle and aunty visiting your house starts discussing your future. They start acting as if you are a puppet for them. Some parents become a villain for their children. They think Sharma Ji’s son has taken Non-Medical then my son should take Non-Medical. I think this is very wrong. How can we judge you with some other person? We may or may not have same interests. Most of us do it. They choose their career stream according to others wish.

Society has made own roles in choosing the career stream. Student’s score more than 85% have to take Medical or Non-Medical. The one score below 80% chooses Arts and Commerce. It is not a just decision. You should think while choosing your career. Go on a self-analysis. Try to find out about your strength and weakness. What are your interests? Are you capable to handle the pressure? You fail in deciding your right choice. It is the end of your career. You have chosen your first step in a wrong direction. How can you reach your destination? I advise you to share your views with your parents. They have the right to know about. They are your actual well-wishers. They want to have a secure future for you. Build friendship bond with your parents.

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While reading this article you feel motivated. My point is here to guide you about to decide your career stream after 10th. This is a high time to think. You should think wisely.

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