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Status of medical education and facilities in INDIA

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There are 460 medical colleges where qualification is recognized by MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA. These medical schools provide education to about 64,000 students. Their motto is to provide quality medical care to the Indians by educating medical students.

But INDIA still lags behind in the facilities, which hospitals provide to the patients. The medical education which students are gaining is also not so up to date. India believes in theory part more than being practical. We all like the ways of foreign universities educating their students because they all prefer practical work rather than theory part.

If we talk about the medical schools, the practical files we make during are school or college days are of no use other than a formality. We, students, copy the task from each other. Instead of this, we can do some practical work and we believe in cramming than making concepts. We don’t do hard work instead we want to complete our work in a short way. But in other countries, there is a proper system. Working hours are already decided and pay is according to the work.

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If we look at the hospital condition, in foreign places there is a proper system of their checkup turns. They go with a token number. First of all, every person whether native or foreigner have to register him/her under the medical policy. There is one doctor for a specific number of patients. Nurses are provided to bedridden patients who take care of them at every stage. If any chronic disorder patient comes, the doctor cannot send him back without giving proper treatment to him. They use the latest technology for the treatment.  In terms of cleanliness, cost of treatment and management they are ahead of us.

But a fee of medical education is less in India than many other countries. We INDIANS are capable of doing everything but because of laziness and preferring short ways we are many years behind the other countries.