Opportunities after M.B.B.S in the medical field

Career after MBBS in the medical field

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After completing 5.5 years medical undergraduate course, most of the students get confused what to do next. Let me tell them that they have many more options, like-

PG exam preparation

For the post-graduation entrance exam, there are coaching centers like DAMS, Bhatiya for which many students go. Most of the students start preparing for 2nd or 3rd prof.

These institutes help you to cover the whole medical course in brief and make you practice MCQs side by side. But I suggest students join them only if they can cope up with routine classes as well as coaching classes. As it is more important to pass college exams first.

Forgoing abroad-

There are thousands of different entrance exams for different countries to get admission in the post-graduation course. Most of the students go with USMLE which is for residency in the USA. It has 3 steps –Step1, Step2-CK, Step2-CS, and Step3. Step1 and Step2-CK have to be given in your native place and Step2-CS and Step3 have to be given in the USA. USMLE needs clinical knowledge as it is based on clinical questions.

Others test is PLAB for the UK, which is very much similar to USMLE

But these tests are very costly, demands lots of hard work as well as time.

As Army medical corps-

Many go for army tests which includes an interview and medical examination for the physique. It is a great opportunity for those who want to serve their country. You are posted as captain of armed forces, air force or navy. Army gives good pay, posting in different regions and quota under army service. If you do post-graduation afterward, then the army will pay your fee.

Combined medical service examination

UPSC conducts this exam for recruitment as an assistant medical officer in railways, factories etc.

As a junior resident-

Many medical students become junior residents in medical colleges and hospitals so that they can earn as well as prepare for the post-graduation entrance exam.

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Hospital management-

After completing M.B.B.S you can do MBA in hospital management. You must have seen ‘HOUSE MD’ show and Dr. LISA CUDDY in it. If you wish to open your own hospital or carry on your family hospital then this is the best and new idea for you.

There are many more options like a teacher in medical college, a doctor in a hospital, can open your own clinic, can serve the rural area, can do research work or opt. for GOVT. MEDICAL OFFICER after passing government exam.

Whatever you choose, do it with dedication as you have to save some one’s life. Before becoming doctor, become a good person as it will make you more successful.

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