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List of top 10 Communication Skills for Leadership

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It is the ability to communicate deftly with superiors, colleagues and staff. It involves communicating ideas, feelings with people around a person with ease. The communication skills involve listening, speaking, observing and empathizing. In this digital age, these skills are useful in communicating through face-to-face interactions, phone conversations, email and social media. Let’s discuss these skills in detail.


This means paying proper attention to what another person is speaking. People who pay rapt attention to what is being said are regarded highly by co-workers and employers. It is a skill which requires ample practice. One needs to get rid of distractions which are in the form of cell phones, laptops etc. This will help a person to remain attentive and listen well.


One needs to adapt one’s communication skills according to the audience concerned. For example with an employer, one should use formal email or call them on a phone while communicating. With co-workers, one can be informal and can communicate with WhatsApp or video call. So a person should be adaptive to his surroundings while communicating.


Workplaces require an amicable environment and positivity for productive work. So people need to be friendly, pleasant and polite in their workplace. This will help in building understanding and trust among co-workers.


A person should be self-confident while interacting with others. Self-confidence at the workplace will build a good image of a person among his co-workers and employer. People respond easily and follow their ideas without a second thought. Confidence can be exuded in the form of eye contact while addressing someone, sitting straight with open shoulders and preparing things in advance so one looks polished while interacting. This skill will be useful during a job interview and the job itself.

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People with good communication skills should be able to accept critical feedback and give constructive feedback to others.


A person should be loud and clear while speaking. Being inaudible while speaking can be a spoke in the wheel for a candidate. Voice modulation skill is a must for good communication. Being respectful and speaking in a proper tone is the key to good communication.


For good communication, a person needs to be flexible and open-minded. One should not criticize others point of view but listen with an open mind. This way one can understand the others point of view and go in for a healthy discussion without being disrespectful.


Good questions asked and answered can lead to a good flow of conversation.


This is the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions for good communication. For this, one must have self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. These skills will help in avoiding stress and overcoming challenges and thus helping in effective communication.


Understanding and sharing other emotions. This skill is important for good communication. This skill will help in understanding other viewpoint and acting accordingly. This can help a person to diffuse any kind of anger and frustration caused at the workplace, give positive feedback to others etc.

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Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication like body language is important for procuring a job and later at the workplace.

It has been quoted by J.Humes ‘The art of communication is the language of leadership’



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