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Do’s and Don’ts in a Group Discussion – GD PI Preparation

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First and foremost let us discuss what is GD

GD: this is a methodology used by any organization to select the right candidate. It is used to select candidates for admission to B-schools, army and for jobs. The GD or group discussion is conducted to gauge a candidate’s personality traits desired by the college or the company. A group of candidates are given a topic and asked to speak on it for a given time. Through this analysis of communication skills, topic understanding and team performance are judged.

GD helps candidates to get rid of their shyness and bring out their oratory skills. They can share their knowledge by putting forth their opinions on a particular topic and broaden their horizon by getting more knowledge by exchange of ideas and opinions.

GD has a certain decorum which should be followed by all the candidates

Dos :

A candidate should make a proper entry as the first impression is the last impression. A proper posture has to be maintained. Candidates should sit erect with positivity and confidence. He should listen carefully to the subject, then pen down his thoughts. If a candidate is well versed with the topic only then he should initiate the discussion. Otherwise, he should listen to the other people’s views and then support own point with facts and figures. He should speak for 25-30  seconds and then let the others speak. A candidate should be pleasant and polite while speaking as he would be judged on communication skills. If one disagrees with the other views he or she should do it politely. The candidate shouldn’t show overconfidence but put forth their views with alacrity and clarity.

These are the dos to conduct oneself in a GD

There are a few don’ts which have to be kept in mind while appearing for a GD.


  • Don’t initiate the GD for the sake of it- unless one is well versed with the topic a candidate shouldn’t try to initiate the GD as this can backfire on the candidate himself.
  • Don’t get emotional- a candidate shouldn’t get excited or aggressive during GD if there is a difference of opinion. The candidate needs to maintain composure and answer logically.
  • Don’t make sweeping statements-making statements which lack factual support can create a wrong impression of a candidate.
  • Don’t use bombastic words-long sentence usage and complex English words should be avoided. Explain in a lucid manner so that everyone understands and gives rapt attention to what is being discussed.
  • Don’t over quote statistics- candidates should avoid quoting facts and figures throughout the GD.
  • Don’t give a false image- trying to be over polite, nodding one’s head and having the Cibaca smile throughout the GD can become irritating and even lead to suspicion.
  • Don’t speak too fast- speaking too fast can make the candidate go off track from his subject and create a bad impression.
  • Don’t look at the GTO- they are not a part of the discussion but just observers. So candidates should only make eye contact with their team members.
  • Don’t digress- a candidate should focus on the given topic and not digress from it and make parallel statements.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your body language- candidate should pay heed to his body language, his posture, speaking etc as these are taken into consideration for selection.
  • Don’t become a mute spectator- each candidate is given the opportunity to show his prowess and if he keeps mum the opportunity to be selected becomes minimal.

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