Career as a voice-over-artist

Career as a voice-over-artist | Courses, Job prospects & Salary

Voice-over is the vocal contribution to a production where the speaker is not seen. Voice-over artists are found giving a voice for animated movies, radio and TV commercials, audio books, documentaries and on-air personalities on radio. Voice-over is off-stage or off-camera dialogue and in this digital age, voice-over artists are in demand. So it can be considered as a lucrative career.


Having a good voice is the biggest asset to become a voice-over artist. A person should be able to read and speak eloquently. Both voice and voice modulation is important to become a VO artist. One needs proper coaching to get into this career. Good stamina is also required to complete the auditioning tasks.


They are-

Indian Voice Over’s, Mumbai

Filmit Academy, Mumbai

Voice Bazaar, Mumbai

Several VO established artists have started their own training classes and can be located by surfing the net.


The VO artists have to lend their voice for documentaries, corporate videos, e-books, television shows, films, cricket commentary etc. They have to transform the written script into audio. So basically they must have the speaking and communication abilities. The artists have to convey the right message with feeling and emotion. They are asked to read scripts in several different ways. They have to practice several times till they get the right voice modulation for a particular script. This career requires hard work, talent and dedication.


Freshers are offered videos and radio jingles and on becoming experienced VO artists can get work as dubbing for movies and TV shows. VO artists with their experience and hard work can get jobs in commercials, cartoon character voices, promos, narrating and reading fiction and non-fiction books for audio recordings.

People have to make demo CDs and record them on a professional recording system and try to get work by sending these CDs to recording studios and voice-over auditions.  Clients needing these VO artists can listen to these CDs and shortlist the candidates per their requirement.

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The VO artists earn well as this is a new domain and good quality artists are paid well. A fresher can earn 5000- 10,000 per month, experienced artists earn anything from 40,000- 90,000 rupees per month.

There are a lot of pros on taking this as a career as…

One can make an impact on people all over the world by lending one’s voice, one can build a great portfolio by connecting with directors and producers by doing quality work.

It has only one con as this requires a lot of monetary input to get a good output. One has to get coaching, set up a home studio and learn about audio production. Professional grade equipment is required to set up the studio.

But for passionate people gifted with an eloquent voice this is a wonderful career which can give them a good remuneration. So a challenging and a great career.

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