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Let us find out what is calligraphy and how to make a Career in Calligraphy

It is the art of beautiful handwriting and is a branch of ancient writing. Calligraphy has been derived from two Greek words ‘Kalli’ which means beautiful and ‘graphic’ meaning writing. It can be said it is the expression of ideas with beauty, harmony and peace. It is used to create fonts, alphabets and words through one’s creativity and design. It is a very ancient art used by several civilizations like Romans, Ancient Greeks, Chinese, etc who used it in their edicts, bones, sagas, palm leaves, monument walls, ceilings, etc. In the present day, calligraphy is used in wedding and event invitations, paintings, maps, graphic designs, typography, cut stone inscriptions, religious art, ceramics, memorial documents, props and moving images for films and television, in the fashion field, interior designing and in tattoo art. One can easily unleash one’s creativity through this art. People with an artistic bent of mind and passion for lettering can do wonders in this field. A variety of nibs with inks, brushes and pens can bring life to this form of art. With digitalization and widespread use of computers, it has become an integral part of the design, typography and graphics field.icon


No specific degree is needed to become a calligrapher only an artistic bent of mind, imagination and skill. There are no university-recognized courses in India only long and short-term courses offered by private institutes. These courses have a duration of a few weeks to a few months. And to learn this art requires patience and practice. Fine art courses can help by giving the basics of calligraphy to students. Calligraphy students can go in for a degree in visual art or history to learn about the ancient alphabet. Some overseas universities, like The University Of Sunderland, UK offer a foundation certification in calligraphy.

Some institutes in India which offer this course are-

Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi
Calligraphy India, New Delhi

Achyut Pallav School of Calligraphy, Mumbai

Handwriting School of India, Bangalore

Rajmudra Design Institute (RDA ), Pune

Natraj Academy of Fine art and Animation, Pune

Akshargandh Calligraphy Institute, Thane

New Learning Horizons, Nagpur

Kala Ashram, Indore

Calligraphy India, Dwaraka, New Delhi

Vikrant Karia Institute of Art, Mumbai

Calligraphy can also be learned through online and distance modes of learning.


An alphabetic study, cursive style, freehand creative writing, writing with the brush, writing with the croquet and writing with the calligraphy pen.


Creativity, patience, imagination, zeal, aesthetic sense and an eye for detail are a few requisites to pursue this career. In the present day, both pen-based and computer-based calligraphy is in use, so one must be proficient in both. Knowledge of digital media (Advantages of Digital Marketing Course) and designing are a must as this will help calligraphers to become more innovative.


Calligraphers can procure jobs in printing shops, publishing houses, graphic design firms, wedding planning companies(How to become a wedding planner), film and television companies for images and props, logo designing, brand imaging etc. Calligraphers are also needed for hoarding designs, desktop wallpapers, signboards and packaging designs.

The best part of making calligraphy a career is that one can even do freelance work, they can make a living by conducting classes and workshops, working with tattoo artists and even creating and selling their work.


The salary depends on location, project and art form. A fresher can earn from 15,000- 20,000 per month, they even receive a commission on every project they undertake. Freelancers earn more than employed people.

A career in Calligraphy is a great career option for students after plus two who can explore a lot and make themselves successful with their art and imagination.


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