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CBSE to Implement Technology in X Board Compartmental Examination

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Recently, we witnessed a big controversy of one of the best educational boards of the CBSE, because of the illegal disclosure of examination papers. Going by the way of advanced technology, the Board has come up with the solution to ease out the heated topic of leaked documents. They have taken a step ahead and coming up with the proposal of double encryption for the class X papers.

Class X Compartmental examination that will be held from the 16th July to 25th of July will be noticed the latest experiment of sending the papers directly to the examination centers along with a strong and strict encryption. However, the Board has decided to try this experiment out on a pilot basis and shall include papers involving 1000 students in each examination. In total, this comes down to 4000 students.

This step was pondered over a lot by the authorities, and finally, the proposal was accepted by the HRD minister. The finalization of the proposal was done on the grounds of leaked papers, which drew a lot of nasty looks from the public and made it to the top of the newspaper headlines. Here, on the pilot basis, the question papers will be provided to the examination center, 30 minutes before the time of evaluation, along with the passwords. With the help of the passwords, the superintendents of the center will be allowed to access the appraisal and print one copy of the assessment from there. Further, they can take out the Xerox of the paper and distribute it to the students.

This will be regulated and looked upon by an observer appointed by the Board. The printing shall be done under the eyes of the observer. In case of contingency needs, the printed copies of the examination paper shall be made available for all the centers. This will be considered as additional support for the centers.

The sources of the board have clarified that they are looking for ways where they can minimize the petition of the people, while the question papers are being transported from one place to the other. This brilliant idea of using technology in the examination is a preventive measure for all such controversies in the future. The CBSE Board scratched their heads hard and finally came up with this fantastic point, which was further commented upon by the education committee and the ministry in a positive manner.

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The ministry has commented that they are implementing the pilot in this examination so that they can analyze the success of this proposition, which will be tried on a small group of students. Further, they will be checking over the other points as well, such as the improvement of technology to make the end goal a success. Additionally, they will be looking after the logistics as well, which will be required for this project.

In a nutshell, this will be an innovative step for the education department and will help them understand a beautiful concoction of technology and schooling. This will also make the officials have a better understanding of the working of the edification system.