Dedication and Dream should go hand in hand

Dedication and Dream should go hand in hand


Sometimes, the path we choose looks very tiring and not as fantastic as it used to be. Other times, we may face failure and this failure forces us to think twice that what you are is right?? But I believe that failure is the first step towards your success. Once, a famous inventor- Thomas Elva Edison (inventor of the bulb) quoted that “99 times I got failed in making the bulb but got succeeded in 100th time! By this, I came to know about the 99 ways of not making the bulb”. The confidence and positive thinking he showed is very difficult, but the dedication, hard work, confidence and positive thinking are the ways to be successful in life.

If we look at famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many more were college dropouts but today exist as successful persons. The reason behind their success was confidence because they knew that what they were doing can change the world. As a student, we have fear of parents, god and society. We think that if we don’t bring good marks my parents will beat me, what society will think? And so many thoughts keep roaming through our mind.

I am not saying that for success you have to be a college drop out. I just want to convey my message that to be successful stay connected to your choice. Give your not 100% but 1000%, have confidence, enthusiasm, full interest. If you face failure don’t hesitate just keep a constant eye on your work. Sometimes, many people think about luck. They think that luck is more important than anything else. But tell me to tell those people that luck is also with those who work hard. Just sitting ideally and waiting for luck to do something won’t help you go with you in the long run.

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Just stay dedicated to your choice and respect your work!