crack personal interviews and group discussions

Is professional help required to crack personal interviews and group discussions?

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First, let us discuss what is GD and why is it important-

This is a methodology used by organizations(company, institute, business school, etc) to gauge the personality traits and skills of the candidates which they require in their members.

If we do the analysis of the two words  Group and Discussion then Group means a large number of individuals who may or may not have interacted before. Discussion means exchanging information on a certain topic and coming to a proper conclusion. GD involves both teamwork and the portrayal of individual personality traits.

GD is conducted by B-schools, companies and institutes. To procure admission into B-schools, management and engineering institutes it is essential to get through a GD. It is a prerequisite for admission. For jobs, companies may make GD a part of their interview process.

Entrance exams help to analyze the academic skills of a candidate but GDs are valuable to locate the soft skills of a candidate which acts like a mass-elimination tool. This will help to select the best candidate by the institutes and the companies.

Since there is a cutthroat competition to get into these institutes every extra mark counts, which means academic ability should be excellent. If a candidate fares well in entrance exams he can make it to these prestigious institutes. But only being academically bright and lacking soft skills can become a dampener as both academics and soft skills are needed to procure a place in institutes and companies.

Students wanting to take admission in these institutes come from all walks of life and do not get soft skill training at school or college level. It becomes difficult for the majority of the students to do well in GDs. They may lack communication skills, leadership qualities and team spirit.

Only when students enrol themselves in proper coaching institutes do they get proper guidance to crack these exams and are given a timeline for preparation of these exams. Professional trainers in these institutes help students to identify their weaknesses and strengths and try to help the students in improving their soft skills.

The coaching institutes take full responsibility for enhancing the academic and personality skills of a student. The course material which they provide is substantial in getting through the exams. Their mock test series and regular feedback help students hone their skills in a proper fashion. These mock tests and mock interviews help to build up confidence in the candidate and familiarises him with the actual possible environment. This can do wonders on the psyche of the student as he tends to lose his nervousness, improves his communication and analytical skills and increases his team spirit. This can lead to a candidate’s overall holistic growth which is necessary for him to crack exams, procure admission and finally get good placement.

Personal Interviews are tools for job recruitment. The companies gauge the skill sets and talents of candidates applying for jobs. The resume sent by the candidate helps to judge their credibility but the interview provides an insight into the background of the candidate and helps an employer get the right employee for his company.

Candidates enrolled in coaching institutes are prepared well to crack the GDs and PI sessions and make their mark in society by procuring the best jobs.

The chief trainer at “SimplifyCareer” skill development academy has vouched for this and has said professional help can give a student an edge over others which can be the deciding factor in the final selection. Several toppers too have agreed with this and have given the credit of their success to the coaching institutes which guided them and helped them achieve their goals.



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