How to crack BPSC Exams in the first attempt

How to crack BPSC Exams in the first attempt

Bihar public service commission (BPSC) conducts the BPSC exams, combined competitive examination to recruit eligible candidates for numerous gazetted posts in different government offices and departments of Bihar state. Candidates can be appointed to the posts of Deputy Collector, DSP, Revenue officer, Assistant Commissioner and other gazetted posts.

The officers are responsible for the maintenance of law and order in their areas and there are no definite working hours for them. The post of an officer brings big responsibilities. To become an officer you must show full dedication, must be honest in your work, punctual, diligent and confident because this competition can drag you into a hopeless situation and only you will be there for your help so you need to be mentally strong.

You must start preparation with a clear mind set to crack the examination in your first attempt. The competition has become tougher so there is no chance for negligence.

BPSC exams is conducted in three stages:

Stage 01Prelims. It consists of one paper of 150 marks, objective type (Offline Mode). Only candidates who have qualified in Prelims move to the second stage.

Stage 02Mains. It consists of four papers, one paper qualifying (Hindi) + 3 Merit Ranking papers of 900 marks (Pen & Paper – Offline Mode). You need to qualify in Mains to be called for the Personal Interview.

Stage 03Interview. It consists of a panel-based personal interview.

Prelims is a qualifying paper. The final selection is based on the total marks obtained in Mains and Interview.

How to start preparation:

If you have decided to appear for the Bihar public service commission, first of all clear your ‘why’. WHY have you chosen to get in the marathon of BPSC? If you ever get demotivated and exhausted which you will be, your why will drag you from that darkness and bring you in light of your dreams. You can win this marathon only if you never give up on yourself. Now you must follow some golden rules which will help you to reach your destination.

Know your Syllabus

You must know the syllabus of the BPSC Exams before starting preparation because this will give a clear idea about the areas from which questions are normally asked. You will have to memorize the syllabus by heart so that during preparation you will know what is important and what should be skipped. While reading newspapers and magazines, which is a must for the preparation, you should give time to those topics which are in the syllabus and with a clear idea of the syllabus you can do it easily. This will save your precious time. In this marathon it is very crucial to have the idea that what you don’t need to read than what you need to.

Give Abundant Time to Current Affairs

The weightage of questions asked on the basis of current affairs in BPSC or other civil service examination is increasing, so if you desire to be a long runner in this marathon and want to achieve your destination you must give greater importance to this section and should know how to connect your subject with current affairs. For example, if there is news of any country then try to find its geographical location, relations with India and all recent events. This is the right approach to cover current affairs. There are two major sources to cover this section: (01) newspapers and (02) weekly and monthly magazines. You should read newspapers with an analytical approach, covering important topics according to the syllabus and always try to analyse the news in the context of Bihar. After this you should also go through PIB reports, Rajyasabha TV etc.  How to effectively Prepare Current Affairs for BPSC Exam – Important Tips!

Study Material

The preparation should start with basic books of 6 to 12 of NCERT, this is so crucial because different students come from different streams so a basic understanding of NCERT helps them to understand the fundamentals and concepts. During reading do not give effort to those topics of NCERT books which is not important in the syllabus, so read wisely. After the basic books, there are some advanced books recommended by toppers such as Ancient History by R.C Sharma, Medieval History by Satish Chandra, and Modern History by Bipin Chandra. You may get the name of important books recommended by toppers, online. Always keep in your mind that you have to limit your resources, use only a few books for a subject and keep adding important information in it according to the needs of your syllabus.

Hand Made Short Notes

For the BPSC exams you must prepare your own short notes, very precise and full of information which will help you in revision. Before a month of your examination, all you need to do is revision, of everything that you have studied earlier. In a limited time of the revision, you can’t go through all the books you may have studied, hand-made short notes will help you to have all you need in one place. During making notes you should use keywords, diagrams, maps, charts etc and be very precise. This will make your revisions faster and more effective.

Practice Mock Tests

Test series develops consistency in your study. It develops your reading, learning and writing skills. Also, it will help you to solve papers within the time limit. You can choose the test series from any BPSC coaching centre which you find better. To make progress in your preparation, you must work on your shortcomings and practice regularly to score better marks. Practising mock tests is an incredible way to increase your readiness.

If you have decided to become an officer, then be ready because it will test your limits. Its preparation will bring many changes in your personality, knowledge and analytical ability in a positive manner. If you want something you never had, then you have to do something you have never done. Start with courage, continue with courage and end with courage.