IBPS Clerk exam

IBPS Clerk: What Sort Of Questions You Can Expect In the English language?

The competition is getting tough since every year several candidates apply for the IBPS Clerk exam. To get your dream job post, you need to make sure that you put in an excellent effort. Checking the previous year’s IBPS Clerk Cut Off can make you understand how cut-throat competition is going for this jobs post.

Most candidates get scared of the English section. You should start practicing earlier instead of right after the release of the admit card. Are you confused about your admit card? Stay connected to the official site only. Get your IBPS Clerk Admit Card downloaded from the official site. The more time you give to your practice, the better result you will have.

This section belongs to prelims in which 30 questions would be there in the exams. Each question carries one mark which means the total is 30 marks. Here, it is being mentioned that the pattern of IBPs clerk prelims exam has also been changed. We are going to mention the important topics in which you are supposed to have a good score.

Reading Comprehension

In this section, you need to be prepared for 5 to 10 questions. There are two types of reading comprehensions called Story-based and Scenario-based. To solve story-based questions, you need to go with the passage first and then go through the questions carefully to find the answer. Make sure that you also have been working on your vocabulary reading the newspaper and articles indeed. You should keep practicing the different levels of RC to enhance your reading speed. You may check your speed going through different quizzes in this section.

Cloze Test

This is next on the list to prepare for the exam. Here, you will be finding 5-10 blanks throughout the passage. You are needed to fill them. You will be given a scenario/story. You should go-ahead and practice more and more. Make sure that you work on grammar rules and excellent vocabulary since they are regarded to get a high score on the test. You must be aware of the rules of two important topics called prepositions and conjunctions.

Sentence Improvement

This is one of the interesting topics to cover. You may have a total number of 5-10 questions on this topic indeed. The candidates are needed to figure out the phrasal or grammatical errors. If you are good at it then you would be having an excellent experience. You need to learn to spot rules and practice questions of different types to excel in all these important questions.  You need to emphasize Tenses, Plural, Sentence Correction, and so on.

Phrase Replacement

To put in simple words, it is pretty much like correcting a sentence. The candidates are needed to hold excellent knowledge of phrases as well as a phrasal verb to come up with excellent solutions


Fillers can be called the easiest or trickiest to prepare as it depends on your knowledge. Simply, they are quite important. You should read the entire sentence to answer it. Do understand the context to go logically. Understand what tone of words is required to fill in the blanks. Then go with available options and eradicate the unreasonable ones. Then choose the right one.

Do Match The Column

This topic is quite important when it comes to the preliminary level exam. Here, you would be needed to answer 5 questions. You need to match both the columns so the connected sentences do make sense. After matching them, you need to read them too.

Para Completion

This is another significant one in what one blank would be there anywhere throughout the paragraph. It could be either in the beginning, middle, or in the end. You need to choose one option to fill in the blank without bringing any change to an entire paragraph. Reading the entire paragraph to find the answer makes you understand in a better way.

Rearrangement of Sentence

In this section, you will be having a mismanaged paragraph and you are required to arrange them in a meaningful manner. Pick either the first or last line to figure out quickly. It makes it quite easy to pick indeed. In case you get confused, you must leave it otherwise negative marks would be counted.


Going with the best strategy is important to get excellent marks. Following these points can help you to have a high score in this section.  Hope we have helped you put this information here.