Why to choose MBBS?

Why to choose MBBS?

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M.B.B.S –bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, it is not only a study of medicine and surgery but also the study of ethics and importance of the life that we all are living.

Before taking MBBS as my future path, many questions started fumbling in my mind. Whether I should choose it or not? It is very tough, it will take time. I would grow old doing MBBS. My whole life would be wastage. Then I asked myself that why I should choose it?  My inner voice answered me –satisfaction. We humans are called greedy animals because our needs and desires are never fulfilled, and we never get satisfied. I thought after taking medicine as my field at least I would be satisfied that someone cured me once in my childhood, now it’s my turn to save some one’s life.

In my first year of the medical field, I had done many dissections and I was amazed to see the real organs. I saw those organs which are healthy at one time if we take care of them but also get diseased if we don’t care. Whole life we keep on earning for the stomach, after dissecting stomach I realized that it is merely an organ made up of some muscles and fat.

Doctor’s are recognized as the second god as they save your special one’s life. When I wear my overall, I feel like there is responsibility on my shoulders. There are so many poor people who cannot get treatment at right time, I want to help them. The medical field has open so many fields further like I can help handicapped people, can join an army and become army medical doctor who can help army personnel, can do the job in abroad.

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And obviously after becoming a successful doctor, one can have a luxurious life. But I want to advice the young aspirants that don’t choose it as your carrier under pressure or for money, because it demands hard work, dedication. As you have to save someone in future. Without pure thinking and heart, you cannot be successful. Medical field also needs discipline and ethics which every medical student should follow. For this, we have Hippocrates’s oath-it’s not only an oath but a promise to oneself that we will die serving humankind…

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