Exam preparation: How to prepare yourself before an exam?

How to prepare yourself before an exam

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Everyone has the fear of giving an exam, basically, students have this fear or anxiety more than others, as they have to prepare themselves very well for the vital exams. But somehow some students didn’t get the satisfied result, no doubt they work hard but the fact is they missed some technique. If you want to set up your exam success then just follow some steps. Here I will make your journey easy by telling you How to prepare yourself before an exam? 

You just follow these steps which I will elaborate on and make you understand later, so have a look, the 10-second summary.

  • Complete your lesson bit early
  • Point out some good notes
  • Collect some test material from your teacher
  • Review your previous notes
  • Be self-critic
  • Be confident and relax
  • Calm down and make a lesson plan
  • Switch off your all electronic devices
  • Memorise all the revised lesson as much as you can
  • Before the exam night, have a sound sleep

So, let’s make it easy for you:

  1. Complete Your Lesson Bit Early: It is really very important part to complete your whole lesson a little bit early before the exact exam date. From when you should start and finish that you will understand much better than anyone else. So listen to your heart and start your study. It will be better if you make a chart with a deadline of completing and paste that in front of your study table. It will give you the energy to complete your subject one by one within your given deadline.

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  1. Point out some good notes: It is really difficult to remember all the important points so whenever you study a subject, always point out some good notes and some important facts, write down those in your copy so that you can remember that for a long period of time.
  2. Collect some test material from your teacher: Do some practice work, for that solve the previous years’ question papers. Collect those papers from your teacher. He will help you in that matter. Solving test materials are really very effective method.
  3. Review Your previous notes: Whenever you feel that you have completed the entire syllabus then your next job is to review your previous notes so that you can polish your lessons more. It will help you in the exam hall to get to remember all the things easily.
  4. Be self-critic: When you feel that you are ready for your exam then whenever you get time to memorize your study and ask yourself some questions and answers those by yourself so that you never miss any important points at the exam. Be self-critic, no one can judge you more than yourself.
  5. Be confident and relax: Behind your poor exam and result there is only one reason that is your fear and anxiety of giving exams, so be confident and relax. An exam is not a big deal if you are ready to face the challenge. Take it like a game stage which you have to cross.
  6. Calm Down and make a lesson plan: It will be really good if you can do a meditation class every morning during the exam period or before that time, it will calm your mind and keep you relax the whole day so that you can concentrate more on your lesson. Another important thing is when you are ready, make a lesson plan so that you can follow it every day to improve your study more.
  7. Switch off your all electronic devices: It is necessary that you maintain a distance with your electronic gadgets during these exam days and prepare yourself for the big day. If any electronic gadget can help you that is your music system, you can listen,  the instrumental music during your study, it will help you to concentrate more on your lesson.
  8. Memorized the entire revised lesson as much as you can: This process really works guys, you can try this. Memorize the entire revised lesson as much as you can it will help you to be confident when you reading the question paper sitting in the exam hall.
  9. Before the exam night, have a sound sleep: You are now prepared for your exam, so don’t get tensed for the next day. You need to be fresh enough in the exam morning so before the exam night, have a sound sleep to look fresh at the morning, and happily, give your exams.

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These are the open secrets of having a great grade in the exam. Just follow it and make yourself satisfied with your good result. These process really help you to get a good score in the exam.