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Exam Stress | What is Exam Stress and how to beat it?

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The advent of the month of March brings stress to students all over the country. It is the time for commencement of annual school exams and board exams. Sitting for the boards and getting a good percentage creates a lot of stress on the student’s mind.  There is a lot of competition, due to which seat availability in good colleges is difficult and students’ future becomes bleak. Exam marks have become the main criteria for a child’s future. This has taken a toll on the student’s mind and most students remain under stress during exams.

Don’t stress, do your best and forget the rest.

Most students suffer from the following symptoms during exams:

Feel depressed and irritable, Feel anxious all the time, Lack appetite , They can’t concentrate, their heart rate increases, breathing becomes shallow and they are unable to sleep properly. Now we have to find ways to get rid of these symptoms i.e fight stress-

There are a few simple ways how students can manage stress and come out in flying colours.

Students should de-clutter their room- it is said ‘a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.’ This is scientifically true as too much clutter around the workspace reduces concentration. There is too much distraction for the brain, this reduces concentration power of the brain. The physical clutter impairs the brain thinking ability leading to stress. So study in a clean environment.

Read something for leisure- reading is the best stress buster. Research has proved that reading reduces stress levels by nearly 68%. Reading is the best way to soothe frazzled nerves. It relaxes the body by decreasing the heart rate and thus easing body tension. The mind gets rejuvenated with a leisurely reading break

Reduce sugar intake- research has shown that when a person is under stress the adrenal glands release the hormone cortisol to manage stress. But this hormone affects the blood sugar levels and more the sugary things one eats stress increases. So before going for the exam don’t skip breakfast, have a light, healthy breakfast with low sugar content. Diet should consist of more servings of green vegetables, fruits and eggs.

Get a good amount of sunlight-going in the sun for 5-15 minutes per day keeps the body healthy. Sunlight helps to increase serotonin levels which balance mood, behaviour and appetite. This helps to keep stress at bay.

Listen to music- listening to classical music can enhance the mood and can create a positive impact. Students can study longer and with more concentration.  Students along with listening to music can also sing their heart out to release the tension. Singing releases Endorphins which help to release stress and help students to learn well.

Get enough sleep- don’t study for long hours as it leaves the brain exhausted. Which leads to stress and sleep disorders. Sleeping well helps to relax and distress the body and performance becomes better.

Get enough exercise-high intensity aerobics can be useful. Greater physical activity decreases stress levels. So students should keep moving to keep stress away.

Take regular walks- walking helps in thinking which helps students to unwind and lessen stress.

Learn time management techniques- learning and applying time management techniques decreases anxiety. Students who use such techniques get over stress and perform well.

Don’t multitask-multitasking increases heart rate and blood pressure which in return causes stress. Try to do one thing at a time to keep stress at bay.

These are a few tips which can help students beat stress. Parents too can help their children by ensuring that their children follow a flexible schedule so they can do well without stress.


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