Why Engineering is a worst career nowadays?

After completing school or Higher Secondary, most of the students like to choose their career as an ENGINEER, but research says it is the worst career nowadays. The question is why it is? Why Engineering or this stream is the worst career? A career means what you choose to make your future bright; it is not used only for a degree. So you shouldn’t spend a long period of time in that study which will prove worthless planning.

Publicity or promoting is good planning ever, so the craze for engineering is too high because of this fascination promoting of an engineer. In India, almost 80% of Engineer students are unemployed, only a few of them are working in the software sector or somewhere else. So before choosing this part please asks yourself, should India really need a huge number of engineers? There are many factors why engineering is really a poor profession for your future. Let’s have a look:

Why are some engineers still unemployed in India? What are the lacks?

Reality always bitter! So it is a fact, my friend, that in India choosing Engineering means choosing the worst career ever. There are lots of private colleges that teach Engineering but despite that, the net result is 0. Why? Let’s point
out that.

  1. Quality always matters:

    In India no doubt there are some good colleges like IITs, NITS and some famous private colleges too, but apart from that other engineering colleges in India never produce quality students or future engineers.

  2. Some basic problems students face in their colleges: 

    Almost we all notice or watch the movie 3 IDIOTS, where the base or the movie plot is engineering syllabus and its pressure, so these kinds of things really happened in our real society also. The way of teaching here in the colleges are not good, students have to go through the Ratification, class copy and CGPA, no scope to research and then learn, the college will never give you any scope to do something extraordinary from your allotted syllabus, even your professor will not help you in that case. Also, infrastructure issues are really a big burden in those colleges, lack of funds and labs are not new issues here.

  3. Scope or availability of getting jobs as an Engineer: 

    Before going to this career path you should check the record or search for the job ability. Engineering is a four-year course but every year lots of engineers pass out their engineer graduation but then very few of them can grab the jobs or crack the interviews. But if you noticed then you can reveal how many students committed suicide because of the lack of job availability and depression. Frankly speaking, guys there are lots of, varieties of options open to you, chose a better one for you.

  4. English and Engineers: 

    It is a big problem that most of our engineers can’t speak English well, so there is a lack of communication which always matters. It has proven that our engineers are very poor in that language so some basic things they miss while study or trying to crack the interview they always make some blunder because they don’t have a good command over English.

  5. Poor in their own stream: 

    More than 60% of students have a lack of their own domain skills like Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Even they are very poor in programming language and algorithm skills too. A special Tips: There are lots of options open to you guys, so don’t force yourself to be an Engineer. If you have good confidence and love for Engineering then only choose this otherwise there are so many jobs are waiting for you, go and grab that by your own ability.

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