Why do Indian students want to study abroad

Why do indian students want to study abroad

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It has been said ‘Study Abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world’

Why are Indian students crazy to pursue their college education in foreign universities? Is it in vogue or some other factors which persuade them to leave home and go to foreign shores for education? Let us find out the reasons for this craze-

Ease in college admission- admission to the top institutions of the country is difficult. There are limited seats and tough competition for the lakhs of students passing out of school every year. Every student has a dream to get a seat in a prestigious technical, management or medical institution. But it is not possible for every student to ace the entrance exams to get admitted to these top-ranked colleges. Average students find it difficult to get through and make it through these institutions. With high cut-offs, even the brightest students find it difficult to get a college and discipline of their choice. With no guarantee of admissions and bleak future students try to procure admissions abroad.  Admission to good foreign universities at the undergraduate level is comparatively easier compared to India, so Indian students opt to study abroad.

More study options- the problem in our educational system is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics(STEM) courses. Students wanting to opt for subjects besides these are at a loss. Indian institutions lack the expertise to mentor and shape the career of talented students. Some institutes lack proper accreditation. On the other hand countries like the UK, USA and Canada offer a variety of subjects and have courses on unconventional subjects like entertainment, sports etc.

So  Indian students try to opt for studies abroad to fulfil their passions to study subjects of their choice.

Quality of education- courses in India are only for conceptual understanding and do not have any practical utility. This sort, of course, doesn’t guarantee employment after completing college. The course only lays emphasis on rote learning which fails to make lectures interesting. The conventional system of teaching doesn’t give students to experiment, they lose interest in studies and can’t make it big in life.

On the other hand, colleges abroad lay emphasis on practical learning. Students actively participate in class discussions, case studies, and on-campus and off-campus experiences which makes learning interesting. They even do part-time jobs to fund their education, so it is both earn and learn. The unconventional methods of teaching in foreign universities help in the personality development, enhancing communication and social skills of a person.  Students get better infrastructure and are well prepared to face life. All these things attract Indian students to study abroad.

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Working and living abroad- Indian students wanting to study abroad want to experience living abroad. Students are given a chance to live and work abroad during their studies and after the completion of their studies. Foreign universities even allow international students to work on a student visa after completing of studies for a few years. This gives exposure to students to gain work experience and if they want can apply for permanent citizenship.

 Better research facilities– students who tend to pursue research abroad get state of the art facilities, adequate funding and the use of modern technology. They are well provided to go in for in-depth research

Indian students do not get adequate funds or good equipment for research. Neither do they get good mentoring to hone their skills and make a mark for themselves. So good mentoring and excellent facilities attract Indian students to study abroad.

Job prospects- Indian students want to pursue higher studies abroad because there they can get better job opportunities after completion of the course. International education opens more doors for Indian students and they get better job prospects. The salaries are higher compared to salaries in India, so this becomes an added bonus for Indian students studying abroad.

One can sum up that differences in competition, quality of education, quality of life, better job prospects, exposure and personality grooming attracts Indian students to study abroad.


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